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Rudd Financial is a diversified financing firm helping businesses free up capital, accelerate cash flow, purchase real estate, and access the vital tools and technology they need to succeed. With a simple pre-application we can start positioning your business WITHOUT A HARD CREDIT PULL. There are no fees for our work outside of standard closing costs, so find out how much you could receive.


We smooth the way to capital with our simple, three-step process:

Pre Apply

In this discovery phase, we help you identify opportunities for funding based on your position in the market and current scenario.


Once you choose a financing path, we work with you to position and target the right lenders. A completed application package with our comprehensive pre-application check reduces delays and questions on your funding.


We work with you through the process of closing your loan and we follow up with you after the fact. For many clients, financing is a journey with new opportunities and new demands for capital based on each stage of growth. 

Our Firm

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Our goal is to source the funds necessary to ignite business growth. When we empower entrepreneurship, we enrich the community by creating jobs, initiating new ideas, products, and services, and empowering those around us.

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Working Capital

For many clients, the gold standard is access to an array of working capital funding. With flexible accounts your business can reduce the demand for cash on hand while maintaining access to the funds necessary to purchase goods, meet payroll, and expand your capacity to deliver.


Equipment Financing

Remaining current by upgrading technology in the face of accelerated innovation is a pressure every business feels today. We source purchase and lease financing for businesses to provide the right mix of equity, tax benefits, and depreciation.

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