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Commercial real estate loans help businesses build equity by moving away from renting and into owning commercial property. Stop giving away your money for rent and reinvest it in your business. CRE loans also let you buy and sell properties, or invest in income-generating real estate like hotels and offices.

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Business owners who rent often come up against tenant disputes, restrictive lease terms, and rent increases. A CRE loan helps them move past those problems and get property they control. These loans have long amortizations, meaning the interest rate is calculated on a longer time frame than the actual lease term. This results in lower monthly payments over the life of the loan.

Tailored Financing for Property Investments

Strategic Commercial Real Estate Loans

Secure the capital you need for purchasing, developing, or refinancing commercial properties with our specialized real estate loans. We offer expert guidance and flexible solutions to help you achieve your real estate objectives quickly and efficiently.


Investment properties generate revenue on a monthly, quarterly, or annual cycle. They can be hotels, office buildings, retail spaces, warehouses, mixed-use properties, and more. CRE loans help you with the initial investment, so you can start earning revenue faster. Pay back the loan using a portion of your rental income. 


Get to work faster when you finance your equipment through the SBA. Both 7a and 504 loans offer up to 10 years of financing for machines and technology that help your business get ahead. Plus, you pay as little as 10% down – far less than with other lenders. You can choose between a low-cost variable or fixed rate loan.

Fix & Flip 

When you earn income from rehabbing properties, a fix and flip loan is a good choice. These loans are short-term loans, helping you purchase the property without locking you into a long-term product. Loans are based on the property’s ARV, giving you extra capital to cover the cost of materials, supplies, and labor. 

SBA 7a & 504  

The SBA works with small businesses to obtain commercial loans they can afford, with capped interest rates and lender guarantees. Terms of 20 and 25 years are available with minimum down payments as low as 10%. If you’ve been turned down by other lenders, now is the time to seek funding through the SBA with the help of your broker. 

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Loan Highlights

– Loans to buy and hold or buy and resell CRE. 

– CRE loans help your business start building equity. 

– Short-term fix & flip loans help you renovate and resell. 

– Long-term commercial mortgages reduce monthly payments. 


– CRE loans let your business save capital to reinvest. 

– Qualify for loans regardless of your credit score. 

– Low down payment options are available. 

– Build equity when you can afford to own instead of rent.


– Short-term loans must be repaid in just a few years. 

– Some business types aren’t eligible for government loans. 

– Remaining interest on long-term CRE loans is due at end of term. 

– Fix & flip loans are due even if you can’t resell the property. 

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