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Equipment loans let you onboard the latest in tools and technology for a fraction of the upfront cost of buying it outright. Heavy duty and high tech equipment can help a business push ahead of the competition, but it can be costly. Even if you can afford to pay in a lump sum, equipment loans let you get what you need without hurting your cash flow. 

Equipment Loans


Equipment loans and leases help your business afford to bring in new tech and equipment now so you can move ahead faster. A sale-leaseback gives you capital based on the value of your equipment without having to give it up and hard money loans use equipment as collateral for working capital funds.

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Through our flexible financing options, you can access the latest and most essential equipment for your business. Our tailored loans help you maintain cash flow and stay ahead of technological advancements without financial strain.


Equipment loans help your business afford long-term equipment while keeping capital available for high-yield investments. Cut the upfront costs of equipment down to size with the right financing from our lender network. You can also finance tech like software, networks, computers, and copiers. Let our brokers tell you more.


Move at the speed of new technology without making a long-term commitment. Equipment leasing lets you try before you buy to see if AI-enabled devices and Internet-connected machines fit into your workflow. Leasing comes with maintenance and repair costs built in so you know your equipment will be reliable. 


A sale-leaseback is the sale of your existing equipment to a buyer. However, instead of loading the equipment on a truck for someone else, you can keep the equipment in place and working for your business. The buyer gives you a lump sum payment and you lease the equipment back from them under a monthly, quarterly, or yearly contract. 

Hard Money 

Hard money loans are easy to qualify for and can be approved fast. They let you leverage the value of your equipment to get working capital or secure the loan on new equipment when you use the loan to buy it. Since hard money loans rely on the equipment’s value, not the buyer’s credit score, even borrowers with poor credit can get approved. 

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Loan Highlights

– Loans help manage upfront equipment costs. 

– Leases are short-term equipment loans. 

– A sale-leaseback boosts cash flow without removing equipment. 

– Leverage a hard money loan for new equipment or working capital. 


– Short and long-term financing options are available. 

– Hard money loans can be approved in 24 hours or less. 

– Get financing, even with a low credit score. 

– Try new equipment before you buy it. 


– Loans should only be used if you plan on having the equipment for about 10 years. 

– Leasing equipment means it’s owned by someone else. 

– Lenders can seize equipment if you don’t pay the loan. 

– Loan payments are due even if the equipment stops working. 

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