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When you need fast access to working capital, but don’t want to add a loan to your balance sheet, consider factoring. Factoring gives you an advance on payments your customers owe from accounts receivable. The factor pays you a percentage of invoices, purchase orders, and contracts now and when your customers are ready to pay, they pay directly to the factor. 

Factoring Loans


Some companies wait 30, 60, or up to 90 days to see payment on goods and services they’ve already delivered. If customers are slow to pay, it can restrict the company’s cash flow and ability to restock supplies and materials. Take control over your receivables by selling them to a factor. Factoring gives you the capital you need right away so you can stay on top of incoming orders. 

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Transform your invoices into immediate working capital and avoid cash flow disruptions with our reliable factoring services. Our solutions provide quick access to funds, enabling you to manage and grow your business with ease.


While multibillion dollar trucking companies can afford to have a whole fleet of delivery trucks on the road, it’s not as easy for small businesses. They may have to wait on customer payments before they can afford to send the next truck. Factoring eliminates the need to wait, improving efficiency and promoting growth. 


If you get your business by winning bids, you only bid on the jobs you have the resources to accomplish. If you’re waiting for resources, you could be missing out on higher-paying jobs. Use your unpaid AR to get an injection of capital, so you can boost your resources and grow your contracting business faster. 


When you’re looking to fast-track a project, you may need extra help in the form of temporary staff, supplies, or professional consulting. Any delays could mean project failure or disappointed clients. Don’t wait to get started! Speed up your productivity now when you factor your unpaid invoices, purchase orders, and contracts today. 


If you’ve just started getting your projects on the market, it may take some time to get noticed by larger buyers. But when that bulk order comes in, you’d better be ready to fill it on time! If not, you risk being passed up by another manufacturer that can deliver. Get the cash injection you need to ramp up production by selling your AR assets to a factor.

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Loan Highlights

– Factors buy accounts receivable at a percentage discount. 

– The factor gets paid back by the customer, not the business. 

– Factoring looks at the customer’s credit, not the business’s. 

– Factoring is considered a sale of assets, not a loan.


– Helps businesses be more competitive. 

– Reduces reliance on traditional types of financing. 

– Boosts company efficiency. 

– Good credit not necessary to qualify. 


– The business must repay the loan if the customer doesn’t pay. 

– Factoring fees and interest charges apply. 

– May not be available if the company’s customers have a poor repayment record. 

– Selling AR assets reduces a company’s liquid assets. 

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