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Hard money loans are for business owners and investors who don’t want to wait around for long-term financing. Since most of these loans come from private lenders, the loan process is more smoothd than with traditional bank loans. Because they’re asset-based loans, hard money loans don’t require a high credit score to get approved.



Hard money loans let you avoid the hassle of credit-based financing and act fast on deals. A hard money loan can give you the cash you need to make an offer on real estate properties, putting you ahead of the competition. You can also use a hard money loan to onboard energy-saving equipment, stock up on inventory, or boost your working capital.

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Fast-Track Financing

Gain immediate access to the capital you need with our hard money loans, designed for fast, short-term financing. Leverage the value of your property to secure funding swiftly, ensuring your projects never lose momentum.

Fix & Flip

Investors who specialize in flipping CRE properties love hard money loans for their speed and flexibility. They can buy real estate quickly with an ARV loan that comes with extra financing to put toward renovations. Once the property sells, the investor can use the profits to pay off the loan, without the prepayment penalties that come with traditional CRE loans.


Whether you already have equipment you want to leverage or need to bring in new equipment, a hard money loan will work for you. Hard money loans let you secure the loan on an equipment asset, making borrowing easier and more affordable. Get cash based on the value of your current equipment, or use a hard money loan secured on the equipment you’re getting ready to buy.


For many businesses, inventory is just as valuable as the business’s real estate and equipment assets, if not more. With a hard money loan, you can get 90% or more of the purchase price of incoming inventory when you qualify. Stock up before the busy season or fill large orders when you use a hard money loan.

Working Capital

Working Capital is how businesses meet their day-to-day obligations. If your cash flow is restricted, you can use a hard money loan for relief. You’ll typically pay only interest until the end of your term, giving you a short-term boost to handle expenses like payroll, utilities, supplies, travel, and more.

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Loan Highlights

– Loans are based on the value of your business assets.

– Approvals in as little as 24 hours.

– ARV loans for CRE can help pay for renovations.

– Flexible use loans are available.


– No long-term interest payments.

– Loans can be approved quickly without the hassle of most bank loans.

– Asset-based, not credit-based.

– Pay only interest until end-of-term.


– Loans must be paid in under 3 years, typically.

– Collateral assets can be seized by the lender if the loan is not paid back.

– Higher interest rates than long-term financing.

– Must have collateral assets to qualify.

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