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Get access to working capital on demand when you open a line of credit with our lender network. Lines of credit work like a credit card, allowing you to boost cash flow whenever you need it and as often as you like up to your credit limit. Unlike a credit card, lines of credit can be secured with collateral, giving you access to more funds at a low interest rate.

Lines of Credit


Lines of credit help businesses balance cash flow across sales cycles. Since the capital you borrow isn’t tied to any specific purchase, you can apply it anywhere. Tackle payroll and utilities during the slow season, or fund travel to an industry conference. You only pay interest on your balance, making lines of credit a low-cost source of emergency funding.

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Versatile Line of Credit Options

Enhance your business’s financial flexibility with our diverse lines of credit, allowing you to manage cash flow smoothly and respond to opportunities swiftly. Tailored to meet your specific business needs, our credit lines ensure you have the financial agility to succeed in a dynamic market.


The holiday, vacation, recreation, and hospitality industries can suffer when tourist traffic slows down. A line of credit helps cover costs in the off season so you can retain talent, cover the rent, and keep the lights on. When business is booming again, payments into your account help you prepare for the next cycle.


Do you have a special project coming up? A line of credit can help you pay for events, travel, marketing, and extra staff. Use a line of credit to pay for temp workers when you need to take inventory. Launch a company-wide rebranding to refresh your look or appeal to a new audience. It’s all possible with a line of credit from our lenders.


When you’re relocating your business, you have a lot of moving parts to juggle. While CRE financing can help you buy new property, it won’t cover the cost of boxes, movers, security, or IT setup. That’s where a line of credit comes in. With a line of credit at your fingertips, you can access funding quickly and securely without worrying about how to manage incidentals.

Recurring Expenses

Some business costs come back month after month, regardless of how much revenue you generate in the meantime. Rent, utilities, payroll, maintenance, and subscriptions can all be addressed with the same line of credit. Use a line to pick up the slack when your cash is running low and pay back into your account when your revenue increases.

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Loan Highlights

– Works like a credit card, but with lower costs.

– Secured lines use assets as collateral.

– Unsecured lines let you borrow based on credit.

– Use a line again and again, as needed.


– Higher borrowing limits than credit cards.

– You only pay interest when you have a balance.

– Eliminates the need for multiple short-term loan applications.

– Lower interest rates than most business credit cards.


– Not suitable for real estate or vehicle purchases.

– Unsecured lines require a good credit score to qualify.

– Secured lines require assets as collateral.

– Delinquent payments may negatively affect credit.

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