About Rudd Financial

Serving the American Southwest with business funding.


Smoothing the road to capital

In Arizona and throughout the southwest it sometimes feels like opportunity is everywhere, but capital is not. Rudd Financial emerged from the need for innovative, creative business people to access working capital and funds to purchase equipment, real estate, and other assets necessary to fulfill their promise.

What Drives Us

Our Mission, Vision, & Values

We are on a journey with our clients to make the best financing matches for each client. When it’s time to refinance, acquire new equipment, or increase capacity through working capital, think “Rudd Financial.”


We serve businesses in the southwestern region with responsibly sourced capital to match the needs of each business. We match terms and conditions with each organization’s short and long-term goals, as well as approach to growth. No matter your industry, we can source capital for you.


We are working toward a scenario where good ideas get the support they need, not just the “hot new thing.” Responsible, equitable growth strengthens communities. Grow your business, increase jobs, and thrive! Our vision is one of continual growth in a virtuous cycle that balances collaboration and competition, leading to mutual success.


Rudd Financial stands for integrity. We work with businesses to identify their current scenario and to strengthen their position over time. We put in the hard work necessary to find the right funding sources with the right terms in order to move you from where you are to your next benchmark. With a passion for business and funding, there’s nothing we can’t do when we work together.

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