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Loans backed by the Small Business Administration help those with damaged credit afford to buy property and equipment, build and renovate, and refinance. Each SBA loan has a capped interest rate, so you won’t be charged the same sky-high rates other loans have. Choose fixed or variable rate loans, based on your company structure and business goals.

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The SBA works with lenders to provide low-interest-rate loans to small businesses. They act as a guarantor, incentivizing lenders to approve small business borrowers. Your business can receive $5.5M or more for real estate, equipment, construction, working capital, and refinancing. If your business’s annual net revenue is $5M or less, ask a broker if you qualify. 

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Leverage the power of Small Business Administration loans to fuel your business growth with lower interest rates and favorable terms. Our expert guidance helps you navigate the application process, ensuring you maximize the benefits of this government-supported financing.

Commercial Real Estate 

Buy a business and its property or get a new property for your own business with an SBA 7a or SBA 504 loan. Both loans offer 20 and 25-year terms at affordable rates. With a 7a loan, you can add working capital to help renovate or cover incidentals. Fixed and variable rate loans are available to fit your business goals.


Get to work faster when you finance your equipment through the SBA. Both 7a and 504 loans offer up to 10 years of financing for machines and technology that help your business get ahead. Plus, you pay as little as 10% down – far less than with other lenders. You can choose between a low-cost variable or fixed rate loan.


Free up working capital when you refinance your existing high-interest loans into an affordable SBA option. Both SBA 7a and 504 loans can be used to pay off an old loan and help you transition into a new, lower-rate loan. When you’ve worked hard to build your credit, don’t punish yourself by sticking with costly financing. 


When your business is ready to take the next step and move from renting to owning commercial property, funding through the SBA is an affordable way to make it happen. You can expand, renovate, or start from new land with an SBA loan that has long repayment terms for lower rates. SBA loans cover only owner-occupied properties so be sure to check with your broker for more information.

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Loan Highlights

– The SBA acts as guarantor on private loans. 

– Fixed and variable rates are available. 

– 20 or 25-year terms for real estate 

– 10-year terms for equipment and business buyouts 


– SBA-capped interest rates. 

– Don’t need good credit to qualify. 

– Low minimums at 10% down. 

– Can combine loans with working capital.


– Not all business types qualify. 

– Applicants cannot have delinquent federal debt (taxes, student loans, etc.). 

– Can’t be used for investment properties. 

– May require collateral assets. 

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