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Working capital is vital for the survival of every business, large or small. It’s the cash flow that helps your company meet its daily expenses. Without it, you face delinquent payments, service interruptions, late fees, and payroll shortages. So when your cash flow is running low, make sure you get the working capital you need right away.

Working Capital Loans


Working capital loans are short-term, flexible financing options that give you extra capital to boost liquidity. They can save you money by helping you avoid late fees, penalties, and damage to your credit. Working capital loans aren’t tied to a particular purchase, like real estate or equipment loans, so you can apply the money anywhere your business needs it. 

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Ensure your business never misses a beat with our working capital loans, designed to smooth out cash flow irregularities and support day-to-day operations. Access funding quickly and efficiently to meet your operational needs and drive growth without disruption.

Lines of Credit 

Lines of credit are a form of revolving credit that let you borrow, pay back, and borrow again as needed. With lower interest rates and higher credit limits than most business cards, you can keep a line of credit in your back pocket for less. Use a line to cover a dip in sales, launch a new project, or hire personnel. 

Hard Money Loans 

Hard money loans provide working capital when you need to act fast. Since most are offered by private lenders, you won’t have to deal with the long process of getting approval through a bank. Hard money loans are asset-based, you can qualify even if you have bad credit. With repayment terms of a few years to just a few months, you won’t be locked into a long-term loan commitment.


If your business bills for its services via invoices, purchase orders, or contracts, you can sell your unpaid accounts receivable for working capital. Since the lender collects from your customers, you don’t need to repay the money. Get a lump sum of working capital whenever you want to accelerate your payment schedule with factoring.

SBA 7a 

The SBA’s 7a loan offers working capital to small businesses, especially when they’ve had trouble being approved by other lenders. This loan allows you to roll working capital in with other financing options like a real estate loan. Use the working capital to pay for upgrades, renovations, and repairs on the new property. 

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Loan Highlights

– Working capital loans are short-term, flexible loans. 

– Funds aren’t tied to a specific purchase. 

– Low credit and loan-free options are available. 

– You can combine working capital with another loan. 


– Use the loan for any business expense. 

– Boosts short-term liquidity to handle everyday expenses. 

– Loans can be approved in as few as 24 hours. 

– Helps you avoid late payment penalties and damaged credit. 


– Factoring only works if you have AR assets to sell. 

– Certain business types aren’t eligible for SBA loans. 

– Hard money lenders can seize assets if the loan isn’t repaid. 

– Loans can damage credit if not handled responsibly. 

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